Applying for a Vacancy

These notes are intended to help you to apply for a vacancy with British Gymnastics.

When applying for a vacancy the CV that you submit will provide the only information that we can base our decision as to whether your skills, knowledge and experience match the needs of the role profile, and therefore whether to invite you to interview.

General Points

  • Before completing uploading your CV, refer to the role profile you are interested in applying for. 
  • If your application form arrives after the closing date, we will not be able to consider you.


  • Give details of previous jobs held to the nearest month and year. Please account for any gaps in your employment with a description of what you were doing between the relevant dates.
  • Some people will have developed relevant skills through unpaid work. These details should be included in your CV, particularly where the experience has helped you develop knowledge, skills and abilities that we have asked for on the role profile
  • Please include all relevant experience or skills/knowledge gained wherever or however it was gained e.g. voluntary or unpaid work can be important.
  • British Gymnastics reserves the right to contact previous employers of the successful candidate prior to appointment to confirm employment history.

Education, Qualifications and Training

  • As well as telling us about the exams that you have passed include any relevant courses that you have attended or qualifications gained.

Previous Experience / General Information

  • It is essential that you relate your experience to the information given in the role profile. Make sure that you give specific examples. This means telling us what you did in your job rather than what the team did; and giving us examples of where you demonstrated a particular skills, rather than saying that you have it.
  • The decision to select you for interview will be based on how closely you meet criteria detailed in the role profile. Use this as a guide to what skills and experience you need to have. These may have been gained from paid work, voluntary or leisure activities, work in the home, training and education.
  • Highlight your transferable skills. The tasks that you have performed in the past may not be exactly the same as those in the job for which you are applying but the skills you use to carry out the tasks are likely to be the same.


  • Check with your referee that they are happy for us to contact them before you put them down as your referee. 
    You are asked to provide details of references that cover the last 5 years of your employment.  One should be your current or last employer. If you are not able to provide this, please say why.
  • If you are unemployed, your last employer should be named. If you have voluntary or unpaid experience, a senior person in that organisation will be accepted.
  • References from friends of family members will not be accepted.

Equality Monitoring Information

  • The information that you provide is confidential and will not be seen by the selection panel or play any part in the selection decision.
  • The information will be used for monitoring purposes only in order to measure the effectiveness of British Gymnastics’ Equal Opportunities and Recruitment Policies

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