Welcome to West Midlands Metro (WMM)

The application process for any role at West Midlands Metro is quick and entails just a few simple steps.

Applying at WMM!

View the various vacancies we have available and find a role that suits you, read the job description carefully and when ready click APPLY. 

Once you have applied you will receive an email acknowledging your application. You will be contacted on the next steps of you application.

If you are successfully to the next stage, you will be invited to some or all of the below stages in the recruitment process:

Aptitude/Psychometric Test e.g., a concentration test or a safety test

  • You may be invited to attend an in-person or online aptitude/psychometric test covering a variety of concentration skills and safety tests relevant to the role you have applied for.

Assessment Day - ability tests, a group exercise, and a simulator test

  • You may be invited to attend an in-person assessment day, this covers a mix of test and skills relevant to the role you have applied for. This is a great opportunity for applicants to find out more about West Midland Metro, what it’s like to work for us and allows us to assess how you react in a group setting, work as a team and with individual tasks.

1 or 2-stage Competency-Based Interviews (this may include a presentation)

  • If you have made it to this stage congratulations! You will be invited to a competency-based interview, which may be include a presentation conducted in person or online. 
  • We will assess how your working style aligns with our values and behaviours and makes sure that we are a good fit for each other. We will also ask questions that will require you to provide examples from your past employment or education.
  • This is normally the final stage of the process (for some roles a second interview may be required). Successful candidates will be contacted by phone with an offer for the role and arrangement for your pre-employment checks will take place. Unsuccessful candidates will be emailed and will have the opportunity to request feedback.

Good Luck!


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