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Privacy Policy

PERI Privacy Policy applies to all data processed by PERI including the data provided by you in your online application.

By submitting your online application, you:

  • (a)agree to the terms of this notice and
  • (b)confirm that the data provided by you on your online application is true and accurate.

How will PERI process data obtained from your online application?

  • PERI will use the data that you provide to make recruitment decisions. We will consider the data for the position that you applied for online. In addition, we may consider the data for other positions that are available within PERI or its subsidiaries at the time of your application or in the future
  • PERI will process your online application data within the country the application is made
  • Some of the questions you may answer will be hidden fields that a Recruiter will not have access to view as part of the applicant registration,these questions may relate to the Equality Act

Can I update my online data?

  • Yes. You may log onto your profile at any time to update the data in your profile.

If I no longer want to apply for the position, can I remove my online application for consideration?

  • Yes. You may log into your profile and access your online application OR request that the HR team remove withdraw your application at any time.

Can I opt out of reconsideration of my online application for other PERI positions?

  • Yes. If you do not want to be considered for other positions, you may opt out by logging into your profile and indicating that you do not wish to be considered for other positions.
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