Our people

Victoria Hills,
RTPI Chief Executive
The Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) is governed  through a Board of Trustees with a General Assembly, supported by various regional and specialism-based   committees. We also hold an Annual General Meeting which is open to all RTPI members, allowing them to play a part in any major decisions. 

The Board of Trustees is responsible fo r the management of the affairs of the Institute and promoting its objects.  The members are also the charity trustees of the RTPI, which is a registered charity. 

The Institute's Chief Executive reports to the Board of Trustees on all aspects of the Institute's activities, and is the link between volunteers and staff. The Chief Executive, Director of Corporate & Commercial Services and Director of Professional Standards & Development, Director of Wales and Northern Ireland and Director of Scotland and Ireland make up the Executive Team. The Heads of Service, who report to the Executive Team, are responsible for each element of the Institute's work, along with a staff of approximately 85 people.
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