Saint Michael’s is clear about who we are, what we do and why we do it. It is our vision, mission and values that underpin this understanding and all three of these areas continue to evolve as we develop in response to the changing world around us.

Over the past two years we have re-examined our values with our stakeholders seeking to define a sense of who we are today. The result? A set of 10 values/behaviours that crystallize this thinking and act as a yardstick for our thinking and actions.

This shared set of values helps guide our decisions, actions and behaviours and is at the core of our collective aspiration to live in a community where everyone gets the care they need to live their last years, months and days with respect and dignity.

NB: This list is not exclusive or exhaustive but captures those values/behaviours currently at the top of our agenda.

1) We put the people who use our services at the heart of everything we do

2) We are caring and compassionate

3) We are personal and supportive in our approach

4) We engage positively

5) We are responsive

6) We are driven to do better

7) We are fair

8) We are professional

9) We work collaboratively

10) We are accountable


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