What Benefits do we offer employees?

Generous Annual Leave Entitlement

In the first year of joining the Association all staff will be entitled to annual leave plus public holidays on a pro rata basis. Entitlement will accrue from the first day of employment until the end of the annual leave year. Any annual leave booked prior to joining will be honoured; however, this may include unpaid leave if insufficient annual leave has been accrued at this point.

Annual leave entitlement is 5 weeks on appointment( based on contractual hours per week), and will increase  pro rata for each full calendar year of service to a maximum of 6 weeks as shown below. Annual leave will be expressed in either days or hours for staff. Full time standard hours are 37.5 per week. Employees who work more than this or less will have their annual leave converted to hours on a pro rata basis and their leave will also include bank holidays.

 Employees working part-time hours are entitled to the same leave entitlements as full-time employees, but calculated on a pro rata basis and their leave will be calculated in hours.

Employees working compressed hours, that is, full time hours in fewer than five days, will receive the same amount of annual leave as an employee that works a standard five-day full-time week, and their leave will be in hours.


Completed years of service as at 1st January

Annual Leave for Full time Employees  37.5 hours in days

Bank Holidays Days

Annual leave for Full time Employees  (37.5 Hours)

Bank Holidays


Total Annual leave

Under 1 year

25 days

8 days

187.5 Hours

60 hours

247.5 hours

1 year

26 days

8 days

195 hours

60 hours

255 hours

2 years

27 days

8 days

202.5 Hours

60 hours

262.5 hours

3 years

28 days

8 days

210 hours

60 hours

270 hours

4 years

29 days

8 days

217 Hours

60 hours

277.5 hours

5 years

30 days

8 days

225 hours

60 hours

285 hours

Attendance Reward Scheme

Employee’s achieving six months full attendance in the period 1st January to 30th June will be awarded one additional day’s annual leave, or equivalent hours, to be taken in the following six-month period. 

Similarly, employees with six-month full attendance from 1st July to 31st December will be awarded one additional day’s annual leave, or equivalent hours, to be taken in the following year’s leave period.

This additional award of leave will be pro-rated for part time employees.

 Health Care Plan

All eligible staff are able to join a general healthcare scheme, current Westfield Health, which offers cash back on specific everyday treatments e.g., dental, optical, therapies, counselling, and consultations. The association pays of the employee and should employees wish to add dependents they can pay monthly through salary deduction.

 Group Personal Pension Plan

Adullam operates a defined contribution auto enrolment pension scheme which all employees have access to after three months of employment. The scheme is currently with Aviva.

Life Assurance

All permanent staff on Adullam terms and conditions of employment are provided with a lump sum death in service benefit of 4 times basic salary at the date of death, effective from the date of appointment.


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