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About Adullam Homes

Adullam Homes Housing Association Ltd is a Community Benefit Society, an Association created to support vulnerable individuals and households. We employ approximately 200 staff  to help  restore hope and dignity through quality housing and support.

We provide quality housing, deliver tailored support plans, training, education, and employment opportunities to help people achieve stable lives and realise their full potential.

Our projects deliver supported housing, emergency accommodation (ABEN - A bed every night), floating support, advice, and general needs lettings.

Our clients include asylum seekers, ex-offenders, expectant and new mums, people with mental health issues, recovering addicts, survivors of domestic abuse, those homeless or at risk of becoming homelessness, and young people leaving care. We also partner with landlords in the private rented sector.

Our excellent reputation has been earned through achieving successful outcomes.

Our strengths

• We take an asset based approach that focuses on individual and community strengths

• We work well in partnerships

• We have an exceptional track record of implementing new services

• We have good existing service models and embedded co-production

• We effectively manage risk

• We are flexible

• As a Registered Provider, we can deliver affordable housing and have assets to do so

• We are an Investors in People (Silver) organisation

• We run our business to maximise our positive impact on the environment Asset-based approaches

Adullam has embedded asset based approaches into its way of working. We have a successful, tried and tested “Unlocking Potential” model, utilising assets and managing risks to develop a sustainable and positive lifestyle, to break negative behaviours so that people can contribute to and thrive in the community. This has been developed over time with input from our service users though our coproduction process.

The approach is based on developing working partnerships with stakeholders and agencies that can contribute to the client journey.

Our services are located in four English Regions and one Welsh region, with towns, cities and counties including: Birmingham City Bolton Bury Denbighshire Derbyshire East Cheshire High Peak District Leicester City Leicestershire Liverpool Salford St Helens Sheffield Staffordshire Moorlands Stoke-on-Trent Tameside.

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