Here at Breast Cancer Now we have six main departments – CEO Office; Communications and Engagement; Finance and Corporate Services; Fundraising; Research; and Scotland. 

Find out more about about each team, and see which one you would be best suited to.

Chief Executive’s Office (CEO)

The Chief Executive’s Office sits at the heart of the organisation and provides support and direction to the other departments and to the Breast Cancer Now Board of Trustees and Sub Committees. They support the delivery of our organisational priorities and enable flexibility, innovation and effectiveness across the organisation.

Communications and Engagement

The Communications and Brand Management team delivers communications of the highest quality to support Breast Cancer Now’s strategy for engagement. The Communications department includes PR & Celebrity, Brand, Communications and Health Promotion, Public Health Information and Digital, led by the Director of Communications.

Policy and Campaigns

The Policy and Campaigns team delivers against our ambitious strategy through evidence-based policy and influencing work, impactful campaigns and direct involvement in service improvement. 

We work to channel the voices of patients, healthcare professionals and researchers to make tangible change for people with and at risk of breast cancer. Working with our colleagues across the organisation and key stakeholders from grassroots to the highest levels, the team acts to tackle the issues that stand in the way of progress towards stopping people getting and dying from breast cancer, and ensure that all people affected by the disease have the best possible experience of care.

Public Health and Information

The Public Health & Information team sits with the Communications and Engagement directorate and supports patients and the public to play a full role in their own treatment and care, diagnosing cancer earlier and managing their own risk of getting breast cancer. This is through provision of high quality and innovative information and campaigns promoting healthy behaviours.

Research Communications

As the expert voice on breast cancer, the Research Communications team's primary responsibility is to act as a catalyst – delivering our strategy and maximising our potential through our scientists, clinicians and patient community.

Finance and Corporate Services

The Finance and Corporate Services directorate provides essential support to the whole organisation to make sure Breast Cancer Now runs effectively and teams have the resources they need.


The Finance team supports the charity, and itssubsidiaries, in the efficient and effective running of all aspects of financial operations.


The IT team is responsible for the IT infrastructure of the charity, as well as telephony, mobile communications, IT security, printers and copiers.

People & Organisational Development (POD)

The POD team supports our employees and trustees in all of their work, making sure they have the right tools to be the best they can be, and help the organisation achieve its strategic objectives. The support they give is designed to promote a culture which encourages openness, effectiveness and accountability.


The Fundraising directorate is responsible for income generation, supporter growth and a main driver of the brand in order that we become the breast cancer charity of choice for all funders, supporters and advocates.

The directorate puts fundraising at its heart. There are four fundraising-focused teams that have been created to become centres of excellence in their particular areas. These are Corporate Engagement and Partnerships; National Fundraising and Engagement; Philanthropic Engagement and Appeals; and Public Fundraising and Engagement.

Corporate Engagement and Partnerships

The Corporate Engagement and Partnerships team is responsible for developing a diverse suite of corporate partnerships which will deliver income and other support (eg gifts in kind) from the corporate sector. Split into New Business and Accounts, the department will seek new partners and develop relationships with current clients, retaining them where possible for years to come. 

Our biggest and longest standing corporate partners are Asda and M&S. Asda helped us to create and develop the UK's first national breast cancer Tissue Bank while a percentage of the funds raised by M&S goes towards the analysis costs of the Generations Study, the largest study into understanding the causes of breast cancer.

The Corporate Engagement and Partnerships team are also developing a new corporate development board, bringing together corporate leaders to stop women dying from breast cancer. 

National Fundraising and Engagement

The National Fundraising and Engagement team is responsible for delivering income and support via advocacy, campaigning and public health message delivery by way of engaging supporters at a community level (eg groups, clubs, associations, universities or people joining organised fundraising events or committees). 

The department is responsible for developing relationships with supporters and providing advice, direction, products and opportunities for them to get involved and fundraise for us. The team has expert relationship management skills and also has a marketing and analysis specialist to support the development of new engagement tools, calls to action and in providing the assessment of activities on an ongoing basis to improve them where possible. 

The team is responsible for developing sector-leading campaigns and tactics in order to transform the local and regional engagement of people in the breast cancer community. It requires expertise in relationship management and in understanding the complexities of what drives individuals to take part in community fundraising and ensures our proposition can be translated in the most inspiring way to a community audience.

Philanthropic Engagement and Appeals

Responsible for developing strategic relationships with significant individuals and funders, the Philanthropic Engagement and Appeals team is charged with delivering new income, networks and other resources. Income is generated from philanthropic giving (HNWI & Trusts & Foundations) and through funds generated from committee/board activity. 

This is genuine one-to-one relationship fundraising and requires the team to have highly honed interpersonal skills and a deep understanding of the cause in order to articulate the work. Critically this team oversees the Tissue Bank Appeal Board and has responsibility for our largest funder, Walk The Walk

Additionally this team has the responsibility for project managing large-scale galas and special events, which involves managing committees and overseeing complex logistics of major event delivery.

Public Fundraising and Engagement

The Public Fundraising and Engagement team is responsible for generating income from individuals through high-quality direct-marketing activity. This is done through a process of donor acquisition, retention and upgrade alongside developing and offering mass-marketed fundraising products to engage supporters. 

This team delivers direct fundraising activity to solicit donations (high volumes, low values) alongside ensuring that all data and income is accurately managed and available to the whole organisation. The team also communicates with our supporters via telephone and email.

The department is expected to deliver award-winning fundraising campaigns and activities, testing and developing innovative ways to solicit public donations, and challenging, where appropriate, the normal parameters of charity donor marketing in order to deliver more supporters and income. 

The team relies on expert leadership and in-depth knowledge in running and delivering a complex direct marketing portfolio, working with agencies to deliver innovative and creative calls to action, yet relying on the internal strategic skills and knowledge to ensure that Breast Cancer Now gets the best value outputs and advice from its fundraising agencies and suppliers.


The Research Directorate is the expert, external facing driver of research strategy, research funding, research insight, research governance, research information and research innovation for Breast Cancer Now. Its primary responsibility is as a catalyst ensuring that Breast Cancer Now’s strategy is delivered, maximising the potential of the charity's strong reputation and track record through its scientists, clinicians and patient community.


The team in Scotland was established in 2008, primarily to generate support and implement elements of our charitable work in the country. A key area of their work is to influence decision-makers at a national and local level, since healthcare is a devolved issue. The Scotland team has its own priorities but these are closely aligned with those of the rest of the organisation and they work with colleagues in London to ensure we can have the most significant impact on issues for those affected by breast cancer in Scotland. They have a Scottish trustee and an Advisory Panel to provide input and direction to their programme of work.