ghd605 - Junior Software Developer

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Posted: 14/02/2020 16:28
Start Date: Not Available
Salary: Competitive Salary
Location: Leeds Office
Level: Standard
Deadline: 27/03/2020 23:59
Hours: 40.00
Benefits: Competitive Benefits
Job Type: Permanent Contract

What’s the Job?

The Junior C# Asp.Net Developer will have the opportunity to work alongside and learn from C# Asp.Net developers who, as well as working in the latest frameworks & tech, have a depth of experience that is the envy of the industry.

What will I do?

  • Supporting existing bespoke web services and web application like Track & Trace and  GDI.
  • Continuously improving production components such as reducing technical debt, increasing release quality and improving resource utilisation.
  • Develop, test & release .NET / .NET CORE 2.1, ASP web service applications and web user interfaces.
  • Write technical approach and design documentation.
  • Helping with technical evaluations, solution and design approaches to business solution needs.
  • Contribute to the technical side of projects, manage internal/external customer relationships with the business and create solutions to meet business challenges.
  • Some detailed analysis of business and technical requirements. 
  • If needed, travel to offices in UK or other countries.


What skills and qualities will I need?

  • +6 Months of experience with C# and .NET CORE 2.1.
  • +6 Months experience with SQL Server 2016.
  • Understanding of Object Orientated techniques and design patterns.
  • Understanding of JavaScript, CSS 3.0, HTML and HTML 5.
  • Proficient use of Microsoft office applications and mobile / desktop IT devices.
  • Knowledge of RabbitMQ and SSIS beneficial but not needed.

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