SA0114S_1 - Speculative application for a business support role

Posted: 27/12/2018 11:58
Start Date: Not Available
Salary: Competitive
Location: London
Level: Support
Deadline: 31/12/2020 23:59
Hours: to 35
Benefits: See website for details
Job Type: Permanent

If you cannot see any vacancies which suit your skills and experience, you are welcome to send us your CV and a covering letter detailing the type of work you are seeking (these two documents should be saved in one file).We would be delighted to hear from you but we make no guarantee that your application will be considered if it is submitted speculatively. We encourage you to apply for open vacancies when they are made available on our website and on LinkedIn.

You may choose to delete/ withdraw your speculative application at any time in line with our privacy policy.