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From Scotland to the world and back

James Hutton Institute plaqueThe James Hutton Group is an international research centre based in Scotland, comprised by the James Hutton Institute and its commercial subsidiary, James Hutton Limited.

The work done by the Group is right at the top of the global agenda and involves tackling some of the world's most challenging problems including the impact of climate change and threats to food and water security.

The group's work aims to follow the example and inspiration of James Hutton, a world-renowned scientist and founding member of the Scottish Enlightenment. He was willing to challenge accepted wisdom to create a new vision of how the world was formed and how it is constantly evolving. He spent his life exploring different aspects of the world around him with the goal of gaining insight – often with practical implications. The observations he made on Scotland's rocks, soils and landscapes changed the way we think about the world forever.

The James Hutton Institute is proud to be a scientific institution of global and European standing. We particularly value the multinational nature, perspectives and values that existing and future employees contribute to our collective success; we are therefore determined to ensure we continue to thrive and be a welcoming, inspiring and supporting place for all citizens of the world to work in.

The James Hutton Institute values the contribution that all EU citizens bring to the organisation therefore, despite the recent Brexit vote, it is business as usual for us and we continue to welcome job applications from all EU citizens. Our current vacancies can be viewed below/on the Vacancies page.

The James Hutton Group celebrates and values the diversity of its workforce and believes that employing, assisting the development of, and promoting people of all protected characteristics is in the best interests of the group, its staff and students. Our aim is to create an environment which is fair, welcoming and inclusive and where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. We believe that equality of opportunity is key in achieving our mission and are committed to the positive promotion of equality, diversity and inclusion amongst all members of the Institute and to the principles of the Equality Act 2010.

"The past history of our globe must be explained by what can be seen to be happening now. No powers are to be employed that are not natural to the globe, no action to be admitted except those of which we know the principle." - James Hutton Theory of the Earth, Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh 1785.

James Hutton Institute Soil Characters We translate what we do in Scotland to the wider world. Basic concepts, ideas, methods, theories and hypotheses are shared across systems and places and with collaborators internationally. The resources we work on and with are also globally relevant. For example, some of Scotland's major soil types, comprising up to 50% of Scottish soils, also cover 30% of the Northern Circumpolar region.

The plants, crops, pests and pathogens we study are also globally important, e.g. potato is the world's third most important staple food crop and many others are not only important in their own right but are also analogues of other important food and energy crops. Our work in Scotland also generates benefits of international relevance as we address ambitious, stretching and world leading Scottish policies on climate change, renewables, soils and land use; with shorter communication channels between science and policy we can make progress in ways others cannot and extrapolate these to multilevel governance situations.

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