The James Hutton Group is at the forefront of innovative science for sustainable management of land, food and natural resources.


© David McIntyre Photography, Enlightenment Exhibition. © David McIntyre Photography, Enlightenment Exhibition

Within the James Hutton Group we have soil, plant, water and animal behavioural scientists, geneticists, geographers, crop pathologists, socio-economists and IT specialists.

Working together in multidisciplinary teams enables us to address major land management and environmental issues more effectively and to deliver innovative products, knowledge and services. These enrich the life of the community and address the public goods of environmental sustainability, high quality and healthy food.

We offer the opportunity for postgraduate study covering all aspects of our work on sustainable land use and natural resource use, and involving work in the environmental, social and economic sciences. We currently have more than 120 postgraduate students drawn from over 30 countries around the world.

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