Photogragh of sun recording dialJames Hutton Group: At the forefront of innovative science for sustainable management of land, food and natural resources

To achieve this we conduct excellent science and implement new ways of working across disciplines with business, policy and society in a manner that ensures trust and delivers the best outcomes for all.


We will be a world leader in research and engagement to deliver evidence-based solutions to the global challenges facing land and natural resource use both now and in the future.


To deliver the highest quality integrated and innovative science that contributes knowledge, products and services to meet the multiple demands on land and natural resources.

Everyone in the organisation plays their part – whether in science or a support function. We work as one team with our behaviours grounded in our values.

Our values

The James Hutton Institute staff were involved in identifying, developing and articulating these values, through the course of many workshops. They are our guide and inspiration for all that we do.

  • We respect and value our people and the people we engage with
  • We want to make a difference
  • We strive to be excellent in everything we do
  • We lead by example
  • We foster creativity and innovation

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