Your application is very important to us and we will make every effort to 
     ensure that you are kept informed at every stage of the process.

     An email notification will be sent to you to confirm that your application has 
     been received and is being processed. 

                                                                       You will receive further communication from us regarding the status of your
                                                                       application within 28 days. 

If your application is successful you may be invited to complete an online 
    assessment or take part in a telephone interview. Our online assessment is 
    designed to measure the skills and capabilities necessary to be successful in
    the role. Although not timed, the assessment typically takes around 30 minutes.

                                                                          We may feel it appropriate to have a telephone interview with you initially.
                                                                          This is designed to give us the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of 
your experience and technical skills. 

    If you are successful at the CV, assessment and/or telephone interview stage we 
    will invite you to attend an interview.

    We may be able to provide some options for dates/times and locations and ask
    you to select your preferred option. However, on occasions we may be restricted
                                                                           to a particular date/time and venue and we ask candidates to be as flexible as 

                                                                          Most interviews are carried out at local venues but on occasions you may be 
required to travel to attend.

                                                                           At interviews we are keen to explore your motivation for the role, your fit with our
                                                                           values and the key skills and behaviours (competencies) required for the role.
                                                                           For some roles (for example our Graduate opportunities) we may also ask you to
                                                                           participate in additional assessments e.g. role plays, case studies and presentations.
                                                                           We will only assess skills relevant to the role and will provide a brief beforehand 
                                                                           which will let you know what is going to happen. 

                                                                           To allow us to progress your application quickly it is critical that you bring supporting
                                                                           documentation such as passports, driving licence, skill certificates etc, or any other 
                                                                           documents which verify your right to work in the UK. 

   Following your interview you can generally expect to receive the outcome within 10
   working days of your interview.
    If you have been successful at first interview we may ask for some additional
    information or you may be asked to attend a further interview.  


    If you are successful in the role, any job offer would be subject to two satisfactory
    references being supplied to the Company. No reference would be requested without
    your prior to consent. 


    Following success you will verbally be offered a role with the Company. Upon verbal
    confirmation of your acceptance a full written formal Offer of Employment shall be 
    posted to your home address. You will be required to confirm acceptance by 
    countersigning a duplicate copy of the offer and returning this to the Company, 
                           together with any documents requested.

    Once you have accepted the role you will be required to attend a pre-employment 
     medical which will be arranged by the Company with our Occupational Health 
     Provider. You will receive details of the date and venue direct from the Occupational
     Health Provider.



     Once your date of commencement has been mutually agreed you will receive 
     confirmation and instructions regarding the routine and your induction with the 

     If you are not successful on this occasion, as long as you have registered your 
    details on this site, you may be considered for future vacancies that may suit your
    skills and experience. You may continue to review and apply for any new roles 
    online using your login and password created during initial registration.  


     Driving Licence
     Professional/Educational/ Skill
                           •  Evidence if appropriate of right to work in the UK without restriction