Staff and volunteers

If you work or volunteer for us, as a staff member or a volunteer, we collect information during your recruitment and ongoing work. This may include your contact details and those of your next-of-kin, bank details (for paying salaries or out-of-pocket expenses), personnel references and background checks, sickness and occupational health records, pension information and disciplinary records. This information is mainly provided directly by you, it but may be obtained from your manager or a past employer. We only share your work information when it is necessary for the fulfilment of your employment contract or voluntary role and to provide the benefits and support promised to you as a worker. For example, if you are a staff member, your bank details will be shared with our payroll provider so your salary is always accurate and arrives on time. In order to comply with Pension Auto enrolment legislation, we will supply our pension provider Aegon with information on all employees in order for them to make an assessment of pension eligibility.

We collect work information about paid staff on the basis of contractual obligation. Using this information enables us to comply with employment law and act as a responsible and supportive employer. In most cases you do not have the right to object to us collecting your work information, or restricting how we use it, however in the rare cases where you do have this right we will inform you and give you the choice.

We collect work information about volunteers on the basis of legitimate interests. Using this information enables us to build a lasting relationship with you and maximise the benefits of your volunteering. You have the right to object to us collecting your work information or restricting the way we use it, although this may limit the ways in which you are able to volunteer for us.

During recruitment, you may be asked to provide sensitive personal details, such as your ethnicity, religious belief and sexual orientation. This information is collected solely for the purpose of equality monitoring, helping us ensure we have an inclusive and diverse workforce. Only authorised staff may access this type of information, and whenever it is used we make sure it is kept anonymous. You are under no obligation to provide this information, and if you choose not to do so your application will not be affected.

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