About the Oil and Pipelines Agency

The Oil and Pipelines Agency is a statutory public corporation, sponsored by the Secretary of State for Defence, formed in 1986 by virtue of the Oil and Pipelines Act 1985. Our department sponsor is a member of the Ministry of Defence (MOD).

We are responsible for the operation, maintenance and management of 6 Naval Oil Fuel Depots (OFDs) and 1 Petroleum Storage Depot on behalf of the Secretary of State for Defence.

We aim to:

  • Provide a marine fuel receipt, storage, delivery and jetty service.
  • Manage, operate and maintain the OFDs safely and securely in accordance with all regulatory requirements.
  • Manage and maintain those sites previously in GPSS which were not part of the GPSS sale, safely and efficiently.

Naval Oil Fuel Depots

We operate 6 Oil Fuel Depots (OFDs) around the United Kingdom. Gosport and Thanckes OFDs are located in southern England and support the adjacent HM Naval Bases, Portsmouth and Devonport respectively (please click on images for more information).

The 4 remaining OFDs are located in Scotland. The Scottish sites at Garelochhead supports its adjacent Naval base, whilst Loch Striven, Loch Ewe and Campbeltown provide bulk storage and regional support to visiting Royal Navy and NATO warships and Royal Fleet Auxiliary tankers.

All bulk product delivery is by sea.

Our vision

To be a fully compliant and reliable provider of fuel storage and delivery to the Royal Navy.