Diversity Policy 

The PSA Strives to be a diverse employer in that we value differences among us and wish to acknowledge, understand and appreciate these differences. These differences are a big asset to our organisation, adding to our creativity as well as our skills and knowledge base and we want to maximise our individual and shared potential. We want to create a motivating and rewarding environment where differences are recognised and valued. Examples of diversity factors include:

    • Sex, sexual orientation
    • Age, marital or family status, disability
    • Nationality, national or ethnic origins, race or colour
    • Religion or belief

During the application process, we may ask you for this information, your completion of this information is voluntary. This information will be kept separate from your application and will not be seen by those short-listing. It is for diversity monitoring purposes only to ensure that our recruitment processes are fair and our adverts attract a diverse mix of candidates. We are committed to equal opportunities and positively welcome applications from all cultures and backgrounds.

Inclusion Culture Pledge 2021

Phone-paid Services Authority is committed to achieving and respecting equality, diversity and inclusion in everything it does.  In 2021 we will be carrying out an organisational change programme to ensure that our people, processes, values and culture are best able to deliver our new approach to regulation both now and in the future.  We pledge to build Equality, Diversity and Inclusion into this programme of work so that it is at the heart of what we do and fully embedded in our organisational values and ways of working.  


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