What's the culture like at Tenet?

Well, we thought rather than simply spouting a lot of corporate 'buzz words', why don't we get the team to tell you their own experiences of Tenet? So, let's ask the team!

Shaun Slaughter, Customer Services Consultant:

"I was 17 when I started my first ever job at The Tenet Group in 2007. Not knowing what to expect, I was very nervous and scared. However, those feelings quickly disappeared when I walked into my department and met my new team. The atmosphere at Tenet is very friendly and calm, and yet still maintains to be professional. I worked at Tenet for just over 7 years and in that time I was promoted twice and was offered training courses to help me progress. Within my time at Tenet I befriended lots people from different departments, many of whom I still keep in contact with today.

Towards the end of 2014 I decided to look for a new role and ended up leaving to join a large Investment company. The atmosphere at my new place of employment was very different to that at Tenet; it was very tense, dull and the colleagues didn’t talk to one another. After 6 months I left and re-joined Tenet, and I feel very happy to be back."

Zoe Aveyard, Authorisations Consultant:

"Coming to work here has always felt like a home away from home – the team spirit of the company as a whole and the wonderful array of employees meant that I was always made to feel accepted and welcome, which is why I applied for a permanent role in the Customer Services department...Customer services hugely excelled my telephone skills and overall confidence in the professional environment and my career began to progress even more.

As Tenet is keen to highlight and reward the staff that make it the family it is, the praise I received from our members was highlighted using the Striving for Ten initiative and it wasn’t too long before I applied and joined the Authorisations Department to take up my new role as Authorisations Consultant...I know that even now my current position at Tenet may not be my last, I know from experience there is always room to advance, but the most important thing I know is
though I've moved on from each previous role – the people have stuck with me all the way.

Samuel Brady, IT Apprentice:

"My name is Sam; I'm currently studying towards an Advanced Apprenticeship for IT and Telecom Professionals with the Tenet Group. While I’m on the apprenticeship, I receive a range of support. I am working within the IT Support team and my colleagues have taught me a lot about the systems in place. I also have a mentor appointed by my training provider who has gone over the relevant legislation for my job role in order to make sure I stay safe at work. I have monthly meeting with my manager and the HR department to see how I am progressing on the programme and what extra support can be provided.

Overall, I am happy working here at Tenet; I am currently 3 months into the apprenticeship, and I have learnt an astonishing amount in the time I've been here. I like Tenet in particular because of the community feel around the building. We have our own social club, so there is always something going on and everybody is always invited along. I would gladly recommend the apprenticeship I am on to others."

Jonathan Hydes, Head of Marketing & Communications:

"The culture and values at Tenet make it a great place to work – in many ways it's like working with your friends and family. The management team is approachable and friendly, and there are clear goals which everyone works to, such as the Striving For Ten campaign which aims to provide the best possible service to our customers, whether that's colleagues, members or end consumers. It's been great to share in success such as the 'outstanding' customer service award we got via the Investor In Customers programme.

If you're looking to work in a positive environment where you can work alongside great people and collectively work towards common goals, then I highly recommend you coming to join Team Tenet."