Hints and Tips

Here's some hints and tips we have put together to help you along the way.

Your application

Your application form is the first opportunity we have to assess whether you are right for a role with Trent & Dove Housing. It is important that you provide concise, honest and job relevant information to ensure we receive the right, first impression.

We only accept CV's as supporting documents. This means our recruitment process is fair and consistent as we can measure your qualities and skills on a like for like basis.

Please note any offer of employment is conditional upon verification of any information that you supply. If, for example, you have given us information regards professional qualifications, proof of this will be required by the Personnel team should you go on to be offered a position with us. Any information that cannot be verified may result in withdrawal of our offer of employment.

Completing your application

Draft your application offline first, in a word processing package like Word, and save it to your computer. This way you'll be able to run a spell check before you copy the information into the online system. It also means you'll have a back-up if there's a problem with the form.

Check and recheck

Read it over a few times to check for spelling and grammatical errors - these are one of the most common reasons applications are rejected.

Ask someone else to proofread it and check it for you.

Check you've filled in all the boxes that are relevant to you. If you leave an empty box, we might think your form is incomplete. If a box isn't relevant, put 'N/A' (not applicable) in the space provided.

Photocopy or print out the finished form, so that you have a record of what you've written. You'll need to be able to refer back to it at the interview stage.

Take note of the closing date and send your application form to arrive in good time.

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