Finance and Resources Department

The Finance Director, David Hill, heads this Department.

The department looks after all the Company’s financial and information technology resources.


The main responsibilities of the team are to account for the income, expenditure and assets of the organisation and to make all statutory and regulatory returns as required by HMRC, HCA or other governing bodies. They are also responsible for collecting monies owed by former tenants and other sundry debtors and for ensuring that all of the company’s suppliers are paid on time.

The team communicate financial information to non-financial staff in an understandable way and promotes good financial control by working closely with budgetholders and senior managers to ensure that budgets are managed effectively. They also promote value for money and use benchmarking information to ensure that each section manager is aware of the costs and outputs of their respective departmentsThe team also maintain the 30 year business plan to ensure that the longer term financial stability of the organisation is closely monitored.

Information Technology

The section is responsible for the procurement and management of information technolnogy and corporate telephony throughout Trent & Dove, and for ensuring that these systems are secure and work efficiently and reliably.

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