Recruitment and Selection Policy

1.   Introduction

Trent & Dove Housing recognises the importance of effective and fair recruitment and selection procedures in order to ensure the best possible fit between person and position.

The recruitment and selection process is critical to ensure Trent & Dove Housing recruit staff with the necessary skills and attributes to enable the organisation to fulfil its corporate aims and objectives.

2.   Policy Statement

2.1 Trent & Dove Housing are committed to working to a fair and effective recruitment procedure which is consistent with employment legislation       and Trent & Dove’s Equality and Diversity policy and procedures.

2.2 Trent & Dove Housing will continue to follow the guidance and good practice of Bodies such as, The Housing Corporation, The Chartered       Institute of Housing, The National Housing Federation, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, in implementing policies and have       full awareness of legal requirements in relation to Discrimination legislation.

2.3 All members of the recruitment and selection panel must have satisfactorily completed a recruitment and selection training programme within       the last 3 years that will have included equality and diversity and interview skills. The same personnel should, ideally, be involved throughout       the recruitment process for specific posts.

2.4 Trent & Dove Housing intend to eliminate unfair discrimination from employment opportunities offered to existing employees by ensuring that       all are treated on the basis of their relevant merits and abilities and are given equal opportunity to develop and progress within the Company.

2.5 Trent & Dove Housing will continue to commit to Positive about Disability and use the logo in recruitment advertisements and relevant       documentation. As part of this commitment all disabled applicants who meet the person specification for a vacancy will be guaranteed a first       stage interview.

2.6 All recruitment advertisements will include the statement that at Trent & Dove ‘We welcome applications from all sections of the community’.

2.7 Trent & Dove will take action through disciplinary procedures against any member of staff not applying the Recruitment and Selection policy       and associated procedures.

3.   Monitoring

3.1 Recruitment Monitoring Statistics will be reported to the Board on a quarterly basis.

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