Equality and Diversity:

The West London Mission is an equal opportunities employer.

We cherish the fact that WLM is a mixed community made up of people from a wide range of backgrounds and we see this as a core expression of our inclusive Christian ethos.

West London Mission has an absolute commitment to diversity which is about:

  • Recognising and valuing difference
  • Recognising and seeking to redress inequality and disadvantage

We are committed to ensuring within the framework of the law that our workplaces are free from unlawful or unfair discrimination on the grounds of colour, race, nationality, ethnic or national origin, gender (including gender reassignment), sexuality, religion or beliefs, marital status, disability, age, pregnancy or trade union membership, or the fact that they are a part-time worker or a fixed-term employee.

Our commitment is firmly founded on our belief that:

  • To offer services that are personal and adaptable we need a diverse staff team who can respond to our clients] as individuals.
  • To attract, keep and motivate the most talented staff, we need to:
    • reach out to all sections of the community
    • provide a working environment in which everyone feels valued, respected and able to contribute

We aim to ensure that our employees achieve their full potential and that all employment decisions are taken without reference to irrelevant or discriminatory criteria.

All employees, volunteers and workers have a duty to act in accordance with this policy, and therefore to treat colleagues with dignity at all times, and not to discriminate against or harass other members of staff, whether junior or senior to them. In some situations, West London Mission may be at risk of being held responsible for the acts of individual members of staff and will not therefore tolerate any discriminatory practices or behaviour.

We realise that these issues are important to many people if they are thinking about applying for a job with WLM. The relationship between faith and inclusivity can be very complex and challenging. WLM is committed to ‘doing what it says on the tin’ and being open and transparent and not having any hidden agendas. A former member of staff, said this at a recent exit interview:

"I was hesitant about working for a Christian organisation. I think I was worried that religion would be a distraction and get in the way of supporting people. But whilst working for WLM I saw that there can be a healthy relationship between religion and service provision. WLM doesn't force Christianity on anyone - its Christian ethos creates a welcoming environment for all and I came to realise there is strength is recognising the importance of faith in recovery and wellbeing." Alan Robertson, former Senior Project Worker, The Haven

The Church where West London Mission is based, Hinde Street Methodist Church, is signed up to Inclusive Church. See their website to find out more about this initiative and its commitments.

In order to make our commitment a reality, we have a clear strategy, policy and plans of action to promote diversity at West London Mission.  In order to help us make our strategy effective, we ask that you assist us to monitor the outcomes of our recruitment practices by completing the Diversity and Equality Monitoring information.

The Diversity and Equality Monitoring information we request is for statistical purposes only.  

This information will not be seen by the recruitment panel, and will not be taken into account in deciding who will be shortlisted, interviewed or appointed.   Completion of any or all of the questions is not a requirement for the application, but we would appreciate your co-operation.

By providing this information, you consent to West London Mission processing this information for general monitoring purposes in line with diversity and equal opportunities policy.  If you are employed, the information will be kept and used for regular internal monitoring of the diversity of West London Mission’s staff profile.

  • West London Mission is committed to employing users and ex-users of services for homeless people. 
  • Criminal records will be taken into account for recruitment purposes only when the conviction(s) is relevant to the role.   Having a conviction will not necessarily bar a candidate from employment; this will depend on the circumstances and background of the offence(s) in relation to the particular requirements of the job.  

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