WLM employs over 70 staff in a very wide range of roles. We value our staff and try to ensure they receive the best possible support.

West London Mission is a Living Wage Employer.  For more information please visit the Living Wage Foundation website

In 2013 we did a Staff Survey, conducted by an independent organisation, and the results were really encouraging. It found that WLM’s ‘engagement index’ is 87.6%. This means that 8.8 out of every 10 of WLM’s employees feel fully engaged with the organisation. This compares to an average of 69% in similar organisations.

In addition, 100% of staff selected either ‘agree’ or ‘strongly agree’ to the following questions

  • I believe WLM makes a positive difference to people’s lives 
  • I am clear about how my work will contribute to the success of WLM 
  • I am proud to work for WLM

At our Annual Conference held at Hinde Street Methodist Church, in June 2014, WLM Staff and volunteers voted for these are the top 6 behaviours in a group exercise:

  1. Be approachable and welcoming
  2. Be pro-active
  3. Create an honest, no-blame culture where people take responsibility for their actions
  4. Be supportive and create acceptance
  5. Be enthusiastic in the workplace
  6. Put the Christian ethos and values into action

This is how some of our staff team describe working for WLM:

“What I most love about my job is being so close to all the brilliant work with homeless people which goes on at the day centre. As a fundraiser it’s quite a unique experience and it’s what makes my job special” Jenny Munday, Assistant Fundraiser, WLDC

“Working with disadvantaged people can be frustrating, heart-breaking, and very tiring. But the rewards are uplifting and invigorating. We have a good staff support network and to be a part of changing lives makes the job worthwhile for me.” Bob Maynard, Night Worker, KPH

“I really enjoy working to support vulnerable people and seeing their lives being gradually transformed to enable them to have a fulfilled life.” Charlotte Kusi, Project Worker, The Haven

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